Dr Gamer Verdian

Practice Principal

“I have always believed that a smile is the best accessory you can wear”

What do we enjoy from doing smile makeovers for our patients? The absolute best part of this aspect of dentistry is opening up a person’s personality. Many patients come to us being very self-conscious about their smile and often cover their mouth or are unwilling to smile or show their teeth. They often appear slouched and closed off socially and this posture can have far-reaching implications for careers and general happiness.

The ability to give people a smile they can be proud of and the ability to smile freely is the most rewarding part of our profession. The follow-on effect after treatment is something we always notice. Our patients smile all the time, they are warmer more open and it’s not uncommon to hear our patients tell us about a significant life event soon after whether it’s a career promotion, or proposal, or wedding, etc.

The keys to delivering these sorts of results consistently are exceptional planning and experience. With the latest technology such as Digital Smile Design and taking into account a ‘global’ approach with a patient that is often overlooked with too many dentists focused on just the teeth. We always incorporate a patient’s full facial features as well as their movements and personality when designing the ideal smile for THAT patient.

Our dentists enjoy becoming more than just your practitioner, we excite ourselves to catch up on your personal milestones in follow up opportunities throughout your preventative and general dentistry care.” – Dr Gamer Verdian