Dr Gamer Verdian

Practice Principal

“I have always believed that a smile is the best accessory you can wear”

Dr Verdian has become Sydney’s go-to dentist for exceptional dentistry. He has treated numerous Australian celebrities and has regularly featured on Channel 7, 9 and Channel 10.

Dr Verdian’s articles have appeared in Harper’s Bazaar, Grazia, MamaMia, New Idea, Women’s Day, OK! Magazine, Women’s Weekly and Spa + Clinic magazines.

Dr Verdian’s principles and philosophies revolve around providing a pain-free (or as close as possible) and caring approach to his patients as well as utilising the latest in dental technology with an artistic eye for exceptional long-lasting results for his patients.

Known as having “The best eyes in the business” Dr Verdian is the only dentist in the country that utilises Microscope-Enhanced Dentistry for ALL of his procedures. Thanks to his meticulous eye for detail, Dr. Verdian is now a world leader in microscope-enhanced dentistry, and member of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry (AMED).

Dr Verdian firmly believes that having the ability to magnify and work on a tooth up to 20 times larger allows for a level of dentistry that is unmatched from early diagnosis of potentially catastrophic conditions to repairing decaying teeth with perfectly moulded fillings to performing ultra-refined cosmetic dentistry. “That kind of detail makes the world of difference when you’re doing implants, ultra-fine cosmetic dentistry and laser dentistry’.

Over the last decade Dr Verdian has become one of Australia’s premier cosmetic dentists and an expert in Facial Aesthetic Design for Smile makeovers and veneers. He has pioneered novel technology utilisation and was one of the first dentists to use 3D Facial Scanning technology to provide lifelike simulations for his patients makeovers and cosmetic dentistry. Dr Verdian has become renowned for providing his patients with natural and lifelike veneers that are specifically designed using Facial Aesthetic Design principles to ensure each patient has veneers suited to their unique facial features. He is commonly sought after to repair and restore smile makeovers and veneers that have been performed poorly, have not stood the test of time and require rehabilitation. He aspires to the “Get it done once, get it done right” philosophy as is evident in his long-lasting results.

Dr Verdian has lectured and presented at numerous conferences and most recently at the Cosmetic Practitioners Summit speaking to not only dentists but plastic surgeons and other cosmetic practitioners.

Dr Verdian’s leisure hours are often spent working on his Ipad doing Digital Smile Designs at all hours. When not practising dentistry he will often be found on a basketball court, running or practising his Krav Maga skills.

Our dentists enjoy becoming more than just your practitioner, we excite ourselves to catch up on your personal milestones in follow up opportunities throughout your preventative and general dentistry care.” – Dr Gamer Verdian