Sleep Dentistry

  • Sleep dentistry makes even a 4-hour appointment seem like 10 minutes
  • Relaxing and comfortable in our 2 Sydney locations
  • Total amnesia, you will not remember a thing
  • Qualified medical sedationist administers sedation
  • Safe and reliable
  • All your work can be done at once
  • Perfect for people who hate the dentist



TO MAXIMISE YOUR comfort, you may choose to complete your procedures at Dental Lounge with our medical sedation doctors.

Without the need for putting you under a full general anaesthetic, which requires a high level of support, mechanical ventilation and has a longer recovery period, our experienced doctors will assist in helping you feel relaxed, sleepy and comfortable throughout your procedure.

Many of our patients are so comfortable that they choose to take a nap while our team works and wake up after all the hard work is done.


Why Choose Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry may be beneficial for a number of reasons including:

  • Dental anxiety or phobia
  • Lengthy or complex appointments and treatment
  • If you experience difficulty with normal treatment due to issues such as
    • sensitivity,
    • gag reflex,
    • jaw pain or difficulty keeping mouth open
  • To minimise the number of appointments sleep dentistry makes it possible to have treatment completed in a single appointment
  • Our highly trained and experienced sedation doctors, dentists and team will assist in deciding whether sleep dentistry is right for you and will provide continuing support throughout the appointment to ensure your comfort and safety
  • You will feel relaxed, sleepy and comfortable
  • You will be conscious and able to communicate and interact throughout the procedure
  • Recovery –  Most patients are able to go home within 30 mins. It is recommended that a friend or family member help you home and to relax and take it easy for the rest of the day

At Dental Lounge, our Dentists and staff are trained and equipped with a range of options to ensure that even the most nervous, phobic or anxious patients are able to comfortably complete treatment. Other options include:

  • Medication free relaxation techniques
  • Nitrous Oxide, “happy gas”
  • Penthrox, “the green whistle”
  • Oral medications/sedatives