General dentistry

Dental Lounge boasts exceptional clinical standards of general dentistry. Home to expert clinicians, superior technology and the application of evidence-based techniques. At Dental Lounge, patients can ensure all their oral health needs are met and exceeded. Unlike other practices, practitioners of Dental Lounge form a strong bond with each patient to make dental visits enjoyable and transparent.

About General Dentistry

As a professional general and cosmetic dentist in Sydney, Dental Lounge patients can rest assured they will be provided with the best treatment that skill, technology, and caring staff can offer. To find out more, see the FAQ section below.



What can I expect at my consultation?

During your consultation, your practitioner will examine each tooth, all soft tissue and the general condition of your mouth. If you require treatment, your options will be thoroughly explained to you. You will receive a quote prior to proceeding with any recommended treatment. If your teeth are in great shape, a routine hygiene appointment will be suggested to you. Dental Lounge offers a premium approach to hygiene maintenance and preventative care.

Dental Lounge offers skillful, gentle and caring treatment with dental hygienists. If you require a general clean and check up (aka hygiene appointment), your appointment will take about one hour. During this time your x-rays will be reviewed, all teeth and soft tissue will be examined, and you will receive a thorough scale, clean & polish.

If you require management of gum disease (periodontitis), occasionally your appointments may be split up over a couple of visits. You may also be offered relaxation or sedation aids should you desire to use these. Many patients decide to continue without sedation, however, and this is determined purely on individual preference and comfort.

Ceramic fillings are excellent for replacing large areas of missing and damaged tooth structure. They are incredibly strong and used as a premium choice filling material. Often, ceramic fillings are used to replace old amalgam fillings, broken teeth and cracked teeth.

With the latest CAD/CAM technology, the tooth is scanned and measured. It then communicates with a computerised machine to manufacture the perfect porcelain design and fit.

Ceramic Fillings are extremely strong and durable with a life expectancy of over 20 years. They are a highly aesthetic and true imitation of your real tooth. This can all be achieved in just one visit!

Dental Lounge is an Amalgam-free dental practice. The material has been shown to crack natural tooth surface. Dental Lounge prefers the use of composite resin filling materials (white fillings).

Composite Fillings are generally opted for in treatments where smaller fillings or anterior (aka front) fillings are required. It is a tooth coloured resin, therefore looks great and satisfies highly aesthetic requirements. The material is non-toxic and sets instantly with light curing.

If a large portion of the tooth requires replacement, particularly teeth with strong impact requirements (e.g. molars), it is best to choose a ceramic filling for longevity and structural purposes.