Dental Lounge offers premium dentistry with optimal technology


Dental Microscope

Like James Bond and his gadgets, you can catch Dr Gamer Verdian with his microscope almost any day of the week. Microscopes are used for operating accuracy, refining in on the finest details for exact precision. This enables as much preservation of dental enamel as possible, allowing for holistic and successful treatment.

The Wand – Anaesthetic Delivery System

This is a computer-controlled anaesthetic delivery system. Impressive, right? The computer is clever enough to sense tissue pressure, for the perfect slow release of a numbing solution. Patients love that the wand helps to avoid painful stinging injections, as well as the well known dreaded feeling of a numb lip.

CEREC Crowns and Ceramic Fillings

Cerec’s are computer-aided design and manufacturing system that allows practitioners to make strong ceramic teeth and fillings in just one visit. This means no return visit, no dark lines, no metal under the crowns and a beautiful natural result. Cerecs offer up to 95% of the original strength of a natural tooth, a performance that cannot be matched by other conventional methods.

Dental Lasers

Dental Lounge utilises two types of trusted dental lasers to alternate between soft and hard tissue. The Diode laser assists with painless removal and re-contouring of soft tissue. The Versa Wave assists in completing restorations, and in most cases removes the need for a drill or injection.

These lasers do their job much better than older, more conventional methods and are much, much gentler on the oral tissues they leave behind.

Ozone Therapy

Ozone has a wide variety of uses in dentistry. Ozone’s strongest capability lies within its anti-bacterial effects. One of the biggest challenges faced in dentistry every day is in dealing with bacteria in the mouth. Ozone provides dentists with a huge advantage to minimise a patient’s oral bacteria. Ozone is used to flush out an extraction socket to reduce bacteria build up, minimising the risk of painful infectious complications.

Ozone is also used in other surgical procedures such as implant placement and bone grafting for the best possible outcome. Often, Ozone is relied upon within restorative work to attack any remaining microbes following the removal of decay. This ensures crowns and fillings are placed on clean tooth structure.

Ozone is also used to clean and disinfect roots during root canal therapy. Root canal therapies can be difficult to disinfect at the best of times. Ozone provides us another avenue of removing microbes from deep inside the tooth roots that are not visible to the naked eye or under a microscope. Finally, Ozone is also used as an additive disinfectant for the practice.


Digital Smile Design

Patients considering cosmetic dentistry love the Digital Smile Design. It allows a practitioner to design a smile that accounts for all facial features and measurements. Not just the teeth alone, but the entire anatomy of your face! Patients are then able to view a computerised image to determine the final results possible.

Digital Radiographs

Digital radiography (X-rays) allows us to accurately see your X-rays instantly on our computer screen. Digital X-rays omit less than a quarter of the radiation dose of standard X-rays.

Intraoral Camera

The intra-oral camera allows patients to clearly see images taken inside the mouth. This is great for becoming educated and understanding your own dental work.

The intra-oral camera often picks up on cracks, broken teeth, decaying areas and soft tissue diseases. Photos of your teeth are able to be kept as a reference for future appointments. This allows your practitioner to monitor your progress and avoid any excessive treatment.