What are single day veneers?

The clue is in the name! Unlike conventional porcelain veneers, where you will need at least two appointments 2-3 weeks apart, single day veneers are the same product but completed over one visit.

We are providing a world-class, cutting-edge, industry-first service to our patients. This concept is 2 years in the making and required the absolute latest in dental equipment and technology to be able to provide Single-Day veneers with our own in-house digital laboratory. Our unique ability to provide this service is in having our own laboratory and expert team of dentists and ceramists trained in digital dentistry technology.

How does it work? The key here is digital scanning and digital smile designing coupled with printing/milling of teeth models and veneers.

At our first consultation, a digital scan and photos are taken rather than traditional moulds and impressions. We use your 3D scan and link it to your photos and videos and design the ideal position your veneers need to be placed for the perfect natural smile.

After your consultation and once all the designing is complete, your dentist will minimally prepare the teeth in the morning, then the digital scan is sent securely via an online connection instantly to our lab where our team of ceramists are able to create your bespoke veneers. Your new smile will then be fitted on the same day!

Not every patient is suitable for single day veneers, this will be determined during your consultation.

Please visit the “Porcelain Veneers” (link) section on our website for a detailed overview of the product.

Considering single-day veneers?

You should consider single day veneers if:

  • You want a dramatic result, but have little time
  • You can spare a full day
  • You want to improve your smile for an occasion that’s in less than 2-3 weeks. (great for imminent weddings/photoshoots/filming/job interviews/holidays)
  • You don’t like the idea of temporary veneers for a few weeks


The longevity of porcelain veneers is on average 10 years. You will need to maintain excellent oral hygiene (brushing and flossing twice a day) and regular professional cleans to keep your gums and veneers healthy. The porcelain is very resistant to staining.

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