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From Disney’s Finding Nemo to our very own discussions among peers and colleagues, the term Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is hardly referred to in an excited manner. However, at Dental Lounge, we are very excited when it comes to root canal therapy!

This procedure is common for our practitioners who complete RCTs on a daily basis. We are therefore experienced and equipped for the most complicated of cases, which other practices would otherwise refer elsewhere. Rest assured you’re in skillful hands at Dental Lounge.

Did you know, having root canal therapy should feel no different to coming in for a regular filling?

We enjoy pleasantly surprising our patients with a great dental experience.

For more detailed information about RCTs at Dental Lounge, read the FAQs below or contact us today.



What is a root canal therapy (RCT)?

Root canal treatment is often a simple and consistent procedure. The purpose of a RCT is to provide patients with the relief of pain and to save the tooth. Inflammation or infection at the root of a tooth is often the leading driver behind patients requiring RCT treatment.

During treatment, the pulp inside the tooth is carefully removed. The area is then cleaned, disinfected and shaped in such a way to prepare for the root filling material. A root filling material is placed to ensure reinfection does not occur. Finally, your dentist will fill and seal the tooth.

Please be aware that several appointments are required for the successful completion of an RCT treatment.

Root canal therapy does range in price, depending on how many canals there are in a tooth, how large the infection is and complexity of the case. Generally prices range from $1,200 – $2,500.

From as little as $43.53 a fortnight per root canal. Visit our Payment Options to find out more.

At Dental Lounge we have many technological advantages used for RCTs. Microscopes enabling us to see the smallest particles of tooth and root structure. These have a magnification of up to 20 times human eye accuracy. Hand files used in conjunction with a rotary motor for efficiency. Ozone and lasers are both used to disinfectant the roots and get rid of bacteria. And more!

Premium technology allows us to achieve more successful results, with less time in the dental chair!

As a general rule, root canal therapy success rates are positioned very high at around 80-90%.