Laser Dentistry

  • No needle and no drill.
  • Erbium-Yag laser used for the painless removal of decayed tooth structure.
  • Selectively removes decay and leaves the good tooth unharmed.
  • Anaesthetises the tooth as it works.
  • Increases the bonds of many filling materials.
  • Excellent for children and those who don’t like the dentist.


Whilst ‘laser dentistry’ sounds space aged, we have been successfully utilizing several types of lasers for many uses for over ten years.

At Dental Lounge’s Sydney locations, there are several types of lasers that are used with the commonest being the Picasso (diode laser) and the Versawave (Er-Yag laser).

The Picasso or diode laser is used to

  • remove unwanted gum or soft tissue growths
  • help with sterilising and killing bacteria during gum disease treatment
  • cosmetic recontouring of gumlines is gumlifts
  • stop bleeding of gums
  • help with crown preparation

For nervous patients, the Versawave, a light emitting fibre delivered laser can help eliminate the sometimes anxiety-inducing facets of dentistry, ie the needle and the drill.

The versawave is useful for

  • gumlifts
  • preparing teeth for fillings, root canals or veneers without a drill or anesthetic
  • Selectively removing decay, leaving behind hard natural tooth
  • help with bone contouring in certain situations


Laser Fillings Pricing

Laser fillings: $200-$600

At Dental Lounge, our team takes advantage of the ability of lasers, used at specific wavelengths to accurately and selectively target specific areas such as infected and decayed enamel and dentine, calculus/tartar leaving healthy tissue intact. Lasers can be directed to very accurately shape, refine specific areas of teeth, gums or even bone to shape, contour, define and refine. The effects of lasers are safe with as water is the main by-product and can minimise the use of scalpel blades and drills leading to faster healing, with less bleeding, swelling, and pain.

Lasers are concentrated light at a highly specific wavelength and don’t produce any harmful side-effects such as ionising radiation. Lasers have been approved as safe for Dental use since 1997 with over 50 years of research.

Lasers are used as part of a wide variety of treatments including:

  • Fillings
  • Whitening
  • Root canal therapy
  • Gum lifts
  • Treatment of gum disease

Our dentists use lasers routinely for many procedures however if you have any specific questions about the use of lasers for your treatment our dentists will happily discuss the options and whether it is right for you and your specific treatment.