Teeth straightening needs to be managed carefully with not just the teeth in mind. It is important to assess the relationship of your upper and lower jaw bones (the skeletal part of your look), the gum thickness and health, your lips and facial structures, and establish health in your other teeth before we commence treatment. It is all well and good to have straight teeth at the end of treatment, but your lips unable to be closed!


Invisible Tooth Straightening Options

Dentists at Dental Lounge have undergone further training to assess and properly diagnose orthodontic issues. This aids us immensely in diagnosing

  • Problems requiring early intervention in children
  • Malocclusions requiring treatment in people of all ages
  • Cosmetic issues that can be helped by orthodontics
  • Gum and soft tissue problems associated with crowding or spacing


There are several orthodontic systems, for example, conventional bracket and wires, ClearCorrect, Invisalign, and plates that can be used to help straighten and align teeth.


Invisalign Pricing

Prices range from $3000-$8000.

Most of our dentists are trained in Invisalign and or ClearCorrect. Some are trained in more systems. You will be steered into the right hands at any consultation.

How long do people wear braces for?

Depending on the goal and severity of the problem, this can range from 6 months to several years. On average, 18 months would be adequate in an adult.

With proper training, it is foreseeable to diagnose and treat children as young as 8 years old should the occasion call for it. However, only with experience and training can a dentist tell whether or not this is required. Conversely, crowding of the adult teeth during growth may require no treatment whatsoever, as it can resolve over time. Regular checkups will ensure proper timing of intervention.