Clear Correct Retainers

These retainers, like invisalign, are stiff retainers that affect the orthodontic movement of teeth. They are made of the same high-quality material that sequentially moves teeth.

Tooth movement is reliant on the continual application of pressure. It works best if the pressure is constant and low level. Mild pressure leads to the action of osteoclastic (cells that take away bone) activity within the periodontal ligament. The resultant commensurate tension, on the other side of the tooth, results in the activation of osteoblast, the laying down of bone in the wake of the movement. Hence, the tooth moves safely. Clear retainers afford for this force and the subsequent desired movement.


Each retainer is worn until the teeth move the prescribed amount. The retainers are then changed to the next set until they then move the teeth a little further towards the ideal. The number of retainers in the sequence depends on how far the teeth need to be moved as science and research have told us that there is an optimum rate of movement. This can’t be hastened without the greater chance of unwanted movement or that of unwanted rebound post orthodontic treatment.

Clear Correct is well established in the US, where it originated. It is based on correct and reviewed science and offers a great alternative to invisalign. It is usually less expensive only due to the fact that the company is new in the Australian market and is seeking a foothold.

Dental lounge is always searching for cutting-edge innovations within dentistry and is proud to pioneer a good value alternative in this growing market.