CEREC Fillings & Crowns

This is a computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing system that allows us to make beautiful and strong ceramic teeth in one visit that are accurate to 2 microns. This means no return visit, no dark lines or metal under the crowns and a fit and performance that cannot be matched by conventional methods. Once a tooth has been restored this way it has up to 95% of the strength it had before it was ever drilled.


Laboratory made crowns (which require two appointments 2 weeks apart) made off-site are still often used in dentistry. An alternative to this is CEREC chair-side crowns, which require only a single appointment at Dental Lounge.

CEREC is a digital technology that incorporates a camera, design software and milling machine. It is a computer-aided design, and a computer-aided manufacture (CAD-CAM) method is used to make crowns in the surgery.

CEREC technology originated in Germany and has been proven over decades to be an efficient and precise method of crown manufacture. At Dental Lounge we use CEREC to make all ceramic E-Max crowns that are colour-matched to an individuals surrounding teeth.

A major advantage of CEREC is that only one a visit is required, meaning only one injection is needed an efficiency much valued by patients!


CEREC, Porcelain & Gold Pricing

CEREC: $1400-2000

Porcelain $1400-2000

Gold $1600-2500

As discussed earlier, Dental Lounge endeavours to make your visit as pain-free as possible. Our dentists employ happy gas, numbing gel and the Wand injection system (tiny needle and computer controlled delivery) to remove any pain. We also give you frequent breaks if the crown preparation takes time.

For CEREC crowns at Dental Lounge, the single appointment lasts from 1 to 2 hours depending on the complexity. Most of this time is you watching television, as the crown has to bake in a high-temperature oven to achieve maximum strength and colour. If the crown has to be made off-site your will need two appointments of approximately 1 hour each time.

Similar to fillings, your dentist will assess the tooth and the crown needed. In most cases, a CEREC designed and made crown (using E-Max ceramic) is suitable and can be done in one visit. However, cosmetic cases involving front teeth may require off-site lab made crowns. Gold and partial metal crowns also need to be made offsite. Your dentist will discuss with you which option is best for your needs.