Dental Lounge offers premium dentistry with optimal technology   Dental Microscope Like James Bond and his gadgets, you can catch Dr Gamer Verdian with his microscope almost any day of the week. Microscopes are used for operating accuracy, refining in on the finest details for exact precision. This enables as much preservation of dental enamel

root canal therapy

Root Canal Therapy

Microscope Dentistry From Disney’s Finding Nemo to our very own discussions among peers and colleagues, the term Root Canal Therapy (RCT) is hardly referred to in an excited manner. However, at Dental Lounge, we are very excited when it comes to root canal therapy! This procedure is common for our practitioners who complete RCTs on

cosmetic consultations

Complimentary Cosmetic Consultations

Free cosmetic consultations at Dental Lounge overlooking the Botanical Gardens Cosmetic dentistry is at times the most challenging yet rewarding facet of dentistry. To be an outstanding cosmetic dentist, a combination of precise manual skills, artistic eye and experience is required. Only when this is married with the latest technology and techniques can a perfect

Resin Restoration

Composite Resin Composite resin restorations are highly aesthetic materials that allow us to place ‘fillings’ in smile zones that can match your teeth seamlessly. This also applies to restorations placed in your back teeth that are white and mimic natural tooth structures, unlike silver or metallic fillings. For small to medium sized fillings we use

Invisible Tooth Straightening

Teeth straightening needs to be managed carefully with not just the teeth in mind. It is important to assess the relationship of your upper and lower jaw bones (the skeletal part of your look), the gum thickness and health, your lips and facial structures, and establish health in your other teeth before we commence treatment.

Clear Correct

Clear Correct Retainers These retainers, like invisalign, are stiff retainers that affect the orthodontic movement of teeth. They are made of the same high-quality material that sequentially moves teeth. Tooth movement is reliant on the continual application of pressure. It works best if the pressure is constant and low level. Mild pressure leads to the

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Teeth in Day

Teeth in a day Teeth in a day is a concept we use to create new smiles in one appointment. There are certain cases where we can complete a smile makeover in 1 day using CEREC technology. Rather than require 2-3 visits, we are able to do your transformation in 1 visit as we design


CEREC Fillings & Crowns This is a computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing system that allows us to make beautiful and strong ceramic teeth in one visit that are accurate to 2 microns. This means no return visit, no dark lines or metal under the crowns and a fit and performance that cannot be matched by

Single day porcelain crown

Single Day Porcelain Crowns

Single day porcelain crowns Dental Lounge is introducing a breakthrough in innovation by providing patients with single day porcelain crowns! This came about as Dr Gamer Verdian followed his vision to redesign the typical dental crown experience patients endure. This is the first of its kind in Sydney. Previously, patients would be required to segment

Same day porcelain veneers

What are single day veneers? The clue is in the name! Unlike conventional porcelain veneers, where you will need at least two appointments 2-3 weeks apart, single day veneers are the same product but completed over one visit. We are providing a world-class, cutting-edge, industry-first service to our patients. This concept is 2 years in