Payment Plan Calculator

14 months
3 6 12 18 22 26

Use this calculator to estimate your fortnightly repayments, based solely on treatment cost. If you wish to proceed with a payment plan, please be advised that other details will apply. These are outlined below.

MiPlan Payment Plan is for amounts between $500 and $10,000. MiPlan is a 26-month payment plan without any interest at all. For as little as a one-off establishment fee starting at $45 and a payment processing fee of $2.75 at the time of payments, you can have a MiPlan today. For more information, download the MiPlan brochure.

MiLoan is for amounts greater than $10,000 and is available for up to 36 months. MiLoan offers an initial 12-month interest free period with an annual rate of 13.5% thereafter. For more information, download the MiLoan brochure.

The principals of this practice have a shareholding in MiFund Pty Ltd. MiFund Pty Ltd supply payment plan products, such as MiPlan and MiLoan. For more information, visit