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Why choose Dental Lounge for Invisalign?

We’re considered a destination provider for Invisalign in Sydney and there’s a good reason patients book their Invisalign treatment with Dental Lounge. We’ve
offered this teeth-straightening treatment for more than eight years and have corrected hundreds of smiles with incredible results.

Discreet Orthodontic Treatment:

Invisalign offers a nearly invisible alternative to traditional braces, allowing for discreet orthodontic treatment.

Comfortable and Removable:

Made from smooth materials, the aligners are comfortable and easily removable, providing convenience for oral hygiene and eating without restrictions.

Personalised Treatment:

Utilising 3D imaging, Invisalign creates a customised treatment plan, ensuring an individualised and effective approach to orthodontic correction.

Predictable Progress:

With digital planning, Invisalign provides a clear visual of treatment progression, allowing patients to anticipate and manage their orthodontic journey.

Why Invisalign?

Invisalign’s teeth-straightening technology is the result of sophisticated and considered engineering. One of the things our patients love most about Invisalign is its subtle appearance – while producing excellent results and meticulously straight teeth.
Need to know:
How does Invisalign work? It’s a comfortable teeth-straightening treatment that uses removable clear orthodontic retainers and subtle aligners that alter the position of teeth over time. The results are remarkable, as this treatment can rotate, tip, tilt and move your teeth to create the ultimate smile.
The length of time needed to achieve results varies, however results can often be achieved between 3-24 months (or longer). A 15-minute appointment every 6-8 weeks is all that’s needed throughout the treatment.

Am I the right candidate?

During your initial consultation, your dentist will help determine if Invisalign is suitable for your needs. Whether you’re looking to correct and align just a few teeth, or many, we’ll guide you through the entire process.
After your consultation, we’ll collaborate closely with you to determine the most suitable Invisalign treatment plan to meet your needs.
  • Invisalign suits mild to moderate teeth misalignment.
  • Candidates must commit to wearing the aligners for 20-22 hours daily
  • Maintaining good oral hygiene is crucial.
  • Invisalign caters to both adults and teenagers, providing a discreet orthodontic solution for various age groups.

The Procedure

The process is transparent, and the Invisalign results are trackable. Every six to eight weeks, you’ll drop into our practice for a progress check appointment, and you can also track the progress of the treatment using Clincheck, a moving image that illustrates the movements that will occur.

Invisalign process

After your initial consultation, we use the latest technology to create a series of 3D computer designed, laser cut customised retainers.
Small aligners are bonded to precise positions on your teeth, which, when combined with the use of the Invisalign retainers, gently move and align your teeth.
The retainers can be easily removed for important meetings or events but are often undetectable and easy to wear day-to-day.

Invisalign post procedure care

After undergoing the Invisalign procedure, it’s essential to adhere to post-care instructions for optimal results. Consistently wear your retainers as advised to prevent any shifting of your teeth. Attend follow-up appointments with your dentist to monitor progress and address any post-procedure concerns. Maintain a thorough oral hygiene routine, including regular brushing and flossing, and follow specific care guidelines for your aligners. This diligent post-procedure care will contribute to the lasting success of your Invisalign treatment, ensuring a beautifully aligned and stable smile.

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At Dental Lounge, our Invisalign redefine your smile, providing not just aesthetics but also complete dental functionality. We offer an affordable fixed price for this transformative dental procedure. Elevate your self-assurance and dental experience with Dental Lounge’s commitment to excellence in implant dentistry.

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  • Looking for before and after photos?
  • Want to know more about recovery times?
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Dental Nurse

Beth has been working with the Dental Lounge team for more than five years. She enjoys working closely with Dr Verdian on cosmetic smile makeovers and full mouth rehabilitation, who has been a great mentor throughout her time at the practice.

What excites Beth the most about working at the Dental Lounge is being a part of the patient's journey, creating their perfect smile and working alongside such an amazing team. In her spare time, she enjoys having a glass of wine, catching up with friends and watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.


Dr Rhema completed the Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Sydney, and has continued to expand his knowledge in all facets of dentistry. Dr Rhema believes that continuing education is critical to giving people the most up to date advice and treatment recommendations to suit their needs. He enjoys rehabilitating peoples function and confidence in their smiles using the latest techniques in restorative and surgical treatments. 

Upon completion of his studies, Dr Rhema relocated to Newcastle where he had the opportunity to expand his clinical skills and enjoy the coastal lifestyle. Over several years, he has developed a keen eye for detail and a passion to give his patients the highest quality dental treatment. Dr Rhema focuses on providing a unique patient experience tailored to each individual which brings comfort and trust.

Aside from his academics, Dr Rhema enjoys spending time with his family, two young children, exercising, and exploring the cafe's and restaurants Sydney has to offer.


Dr Choi graduated with a Bachelor of Dentistry from the University of Sydney, during which time he was awarded the prestigious Stephen Hill Memorial Prize and inflamed his passion for dentistry and being able to provide the very best care possible to his patients in a gentle and meticulous way so that his patients can enjoy their oral health for years to come.

Dr Choi is able to provide the highest levels of care for his patients and is experienced with all measures to save failing teeth and replace missing teeth in a holistic approach that is tailored to patients expectations and desires. This pursuit of excellence has inspired Dr Choi to pursue further knowledge and has provided him with the ability to ensure that all patient needs can be met regardless of whether the patient requires a root canal treatment, implant treatment, bone and gum grafting or even transplantations.

Outside of dentistry, Dr Choi enjoys spending quality time with his family, reading and playing golf.

Lead Dentist 

Dr Phil Stein graduated in 1985 and has a main interest in the influence of oral health and structure on general health (the influence of which is massive and not widely known). Through this interest, he has helped many people with headache and migraine issues, jaw pain, and through the link of the skeletal system, a knock-on effect with an improvement in distant sites. To manage bite problems, he uses a computerised bite analysis system, known T scan.

Dr Stein is also involved in developing children’s jaws as they grow, which helps them breathe better, snore less and sleep better. This in turn reduces the need for braces when they get older. In his spare time, Dr Stein enjoys running and Pilates, travelling and hanging out with his family.

Dental Nurse

Angela is currently studying a Bachelor of Science and Doctor of Dental Medicine at the University of Sydney. As an aspiring dentist, Angela sought clinical experience as a dental assistant at Dentistry by Design in 2021.

She is dedicated to continuing her professional development, and strives to create a positive and supportive environment for patients. Angela is motivated by the way patients can gain confidence through a new smile, and the trusting relationship between patients and clinicians at Dental Lounge.

In her spare time, Angela loves spending time with family and going out for brunch with friends.

Dental Nurse

Stephanie brings 12 years of dental nursing experience to Dental Lounge, and completed her studies in Dental Assisting in Queensland. She loves all things dental, and brings a smile to her work every day. In her spare time, she loves exploring new places with her husband and puppy.

Practice Manager

Rebecca has worked in the dental industry since 1998. Throughout her career, she has gained experience in assisting dentists with general, surgical and sleep dentistry. She has also held roles in steralisation, front office coordination, office management and practice management.

Rebecca enjoys all aspects of working in a dental practice and is grateful to have had amazing colleagues to mentor her along the way. She brings a great enthusiasm to her work at Dental Lounge, and seeks to help change the way patients experience visiting the dentist, and making it as positive, comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

Front Office Coordinator

Rebecca has worked in the dental industry for 20 years, and has gained extensive knowledge of dentistry since starting her career. She worked her way up from DA to practice manager, and is an incredibly hard-working, enthusiastic team member who brings a great energy to the team and customers alike.

Delivering excellence in customer service is her primary priority, and she consistently goes above and beyond to create a great Dental Lounge experience for patients every day.

Dental Nurse

Kaitlan has worked as a nurse at Dental Lounge since 2016. Having started with little to no knowledge of dentistry, she has stepped up to continually learn and develop her expertise in the industry.

She has been endlessly inspired by the work of Dr Mark Braund and his team, as they work to perfect smiles and change people’s lives, which prompted her to learn to do the same. It is her ambition to be able to stand with Dr Braund one day, and say with confidence that she too helped to change a patient’s life.

Over the past two years working as Dr Braund’s dental nurse and surgical coordinator, she has truly made her dream to make a positive impact on people’s lives through dentistry a reality.

Marketing Manager & Creative Director

Renee joined Dental Lounge in 2021 and works behind-the-scenes capturing the art of dentistry with photography and videography every day.

Renee sees the value in the patient-dentist relationship and works hard to share each patient’s transformation journey and their individual stories. Renee’s creative direction and production stems from her passion for photography and innovative design.

Gabriella D’Assuncao

Gabriella is our front of house at the Dental Lounge practice in Double Bay. She has been working in the dental industry for four years. Gabriella has a great deal of knowledge with dental procedures. She is always happy to help with any patient concerns, and makes everyone feel comfortable and welcome at our practice.

Dental Nurse

Veronika is part of the clinical team at Dental Lounge Double Bay. She holds a Bachelor of Marketing degree and after several years of experience, she decided to change her career to work in an industry that changes lives and creates beautiful smiles.

She is a lead dental nurse at our Double Bay practice, making sure every patient feels comfortable and at ease. She brings a positive mindset and easygoing attitude to the team. In her spare time, Veronika loves traveling and dancing.

Practice Manager, Double Bay

Milana joined Dental Lounge more than five years ago as a dental assistant, and now spends her workdays running the practice, making sure everything operates smoothly and guiding the patients from their initial consultation all the way through to treatment planning and appointment scheduling.

Milana has extensive dental knowledge, which is reflected in her work ethic. She makes every patient and staff member feel comfortable with her approachable and caring nature, and will always go the extra mile to make sure patients receive the best experience.

In her spare time, Milana enjoys taking her dog Mishka for a walk, cooking for her family and playing tennis.

Dental Nurse

Mirra chose a career in dentistry as a Dental Assistant because she has always enjoyed helping people and seeing them smile.

She has experience in both public and private dental practices, and is currently completing her Certificate IV in Dental Assisting: Dental Radiography.

Mirra loves working at Dental Lounge,working with the team and being part of an inspiring team. She also finds it incredibly rewarding to see first-hand the unique patient journey’s and amazing results.

When Mirra isn’t at work she is going on adventures, learning Spanish, dancing and spending time with family and friends.

Dental Nurse

Belinda previously worked as a nurse before starting her role as a Dental Assistant at Dental Lounge’s CBD clinic in 2021. Her favourite part about working at Dental Lounge is being able to shadow and learn first-hand from her dentists, and seeing patients leave with a smile on their face. In her spare time, Belinda enjoys spending time with her family and friends, reading novels and going on travel adventures.

Practice Principal and Lead Dentist 

Dr. Verdian is renowned for his smile makeovers and expert procedures. His principles and philosophies revolve around providing exceptional results and patients’ wellbeing with a caring approach while utilising the latest in dental technology. With meticulous attention to detail, he provides exceptional long-lasting results for his patients.

Known as the ‘best eyes’ in the business, Dr. Verdian is a world leader in the field of microscopic dentistry and member of the Academy of Microscope Enhanced Dentistry (AMED).

“Dentists treat people, not just teeth, so I make it a priority to help patients feel at ease. It brings me great happiness when people who have been terrified of dentists all their lives consider me as one of their friends,” says Dr Verdian, who does everything in his power to make patients comfortable and informed of every step of the procedure. “It’s so exciting to work at the cutting edge of dentistry because the confidence a beautiful smile brings can have a profound flow-on effect to the rest of my patient’s lives. It’s life changing, gratifying work.”

He also regularly appears in the media including Studio Ten, Network Ten Australia, where he shares insights and his expertise on cosmetic and general dentistry topics. 

​​In his spare time, Dr Verdian enjoys playing Basketball, Krav Maga and jogging around Sydney.

Content Creator and Dental Assistant

Mohammed Fareed Al-Musawi is a qualified dentist from Dubai. After practicing in Dubai for more than three years, Fareed decided to broaden his horizons and career opportunities by taking the initiative to practice as a dentist in Australia.

As a graduate of Ajman University in 2017, he holds a Bachelor's degree in Dental Surgery (D.D.S). As a career-driven practitioner, Fareed is passionate about his work,and always strives to achieve success in his daily practice which results in patients’ satisfaction.

His scope of work as a general dentist in Dubai was focused on cosmetic and prosthetic dentistry, full mouth rehabilitation cases and general dental work. He loves prosthetic dentistry, crowns, veneers, full mouth rehabilitations, cosmetic smile makeovers, extractions and surgical interventions.

His role at Dental Lounge is creative content production, as he has a particular passion and interest in dental photography and videography.

In his free time, you’ll find Fareed airbrushing and drawing, which he did professionally for more than a decade. He also flies gigantic remote controlled airplanes and drones, and is a very active, sporty person. He plays football and table tennis and also enjoys rollerblading and cycling.

Front Office Manager, CBD

Originally from the United Kingdom, William started his career as a dental assistant in the private industry working alongside specialist periodontal, cosmetic, orthodontic and implant surgeons.

He took his extensive dental knowledge into patient coordination and treatment planning where he learnt most of his client, practice and team management skills. After 12 years in the dental industry William relocated to Sydney bringing along his passionate and empathetic approach to dentistry to become part of the Dental Lounge family.

William enjoys social events and making people smile. You may even catch him singing out loud every once in a while.

Practice Manager, CBD

Bella has been working with Dental Lounge from a young age when she started as a front office coordinator, collaborating with clinicians of special interest and a unique team of dental professionals.

After nine years of dedicated service with Dental Lounge, Bella progressed into management, where she became a team leader expanding her knowledge within the management sector of the dental industry.

Bella has an extensive knowledge of dental procedures and always goes above and beyond to make the patient experience a pleasant one.

Dental Nurse

Tyshanna joined Dental lounge as a dental assistant in May 2021. “Everyday is not only a lesson, but an opportunity to learn from gifted and talented dentists like Dr Mark Braund and Dr Gamer Verdian,” says Tyshanna.

Tyshnna believes that the greatest part about being a dental assistant is being able to see patients receive the results that they have always wanted, and watching them leave with a smile on their face. In her free time she enjoys playing with her dog, spending time with her friends and family and cooking.

Oral Health Therapist

Kate completed her bachelor of oral health (BOH) at the University of Sydney in 2014. As an Oral Health Therapist, dual-qualified to practice as a Dental Hygienist and Dental Therapist, she has a strong interest in preventative dental care. Her work centres on oral health as an integral element of overall health. 

Kate enjoys working with children and adults alike. Through her work, she educates and motivates patients to maintain healthy teeth for life. Her interest in continuing her professional education helps her remain consistent with modern dental practices and progressive treatment plans. 

Kate enjoys working in a thriving team and works effectively along-side other highly qualified professionals. She also has an interest in the growing industry of cosmetic procedures and excels in performing these treatments. Her approachable and reassuring nature creates a positive dental experience for all patients.  

In her spare time, Kate enjoys spending time with family and friends, discovering new restaurants and travelling. She appreciates the simple pleasures of a coffee and a walk, but also loves an extravagant day at the races with her friends. 

Lead Dentist 

Dr Gavan has been a practicing dentist for eight years and is passionate about building trusting and caring relationships with his patients. He is passionate about delivering a seamless, transparent experience, and takes pride in explaining treatment options to patients. 

Originally from Lancashire, England, Dr Gavan moved to Australia in 2014 and became an Australian Citizen in 2018. He has worked in private practice in Forster, NSW, Melbourne and Ballarat since moving to Australia. In Ballarat, Dr Gavan worked at one of Australia’s first All-On-4 Malo clinics, which focuses on advanced technology tooth replacement and Digital Smile Design (DSD) clinics. There, he gained invaluable experience in complex full mouth rehabilitations and the development of new smiles.

Dr Gavan qualified from Leeds University in the UK, where he was elected year representative and served on the student council. He also carried out charity work in Southern India, where he provided essential dental care to a remote community. After qualifying as a dentist, he spent time working in a Maxillofacial department in Manchester, UK, where he gained experience in oral surgery, facial injury, head and neck cancer and dental emergencies. He also did emergency on-call cover for the Ear Nose and Throat Department.

He is dedicated to continuing professional development and commenced further training at the world-renowned Kois Institute in Seattle, USA in 2018, where he continues to learn about the latest and most highly regarded evidence-based dentistry. In addition, he commenced training for a diploma in Digital Orthodontics in 2020. He is also a member of the Australian Dental Association, The Faculty of Dental Surgery in the UK and is a former member of Royal College of Surgeons Glasgow.

In his spare time, Iain enjoys photography, travelling, walking his dog Murphy and exploring Sydney.

Lead Dentist

As a highly qualified and sought-after dentist, Dr Kalos has a caring and professional approach to treating her patients. With precise attention to detail, Jemima is renowned for producing natural looking, beautiful results for each of her patients. Whether they are seeking to improve their smile or maintain a healthy mouth, Jemima ensures even the most nervous of patients are made to feel comfortable. 

Dr Kalos graduated from the University of Sydney with a Bachelor of Dentistry with first class Honours and was presented with numerous awards including the Gunz University Medal as top of her graduating class. Dr. Kalos has also completed extensive continuing education in Dentistry in Australia and the USA, including obtaining the highest mark and a distinction in the selective Post Graduate Diploma in Oral Implants through the University of Sydney. 

She has a particular interest in aesthetic reconstructive dentistry, dental implants and the treatment of anxious patients and has worked in the Balmain practice for nearly 15 years. 

In her spare time, Dr Kalos enjoys hosting dinner parties, baking, spending time with her family and keeping fit with her Rhodesian Ridgeback dog, Gus.

Dental Hygienist and Oral Health Therapist 

Maria is a qualified dental hygienist and oral health therapist. She has established herself as an industry leading clinician and prides herself on delivering a professional service combined with attention to the highest standard in patient care. As a result, she is well recognised within the community as a clinician who delivers exceptional patient outcomes and results.

Maria’s dental philosophy is simple; she aims for all patients to keep their teeth for life focusing on a proactive and preventive approach to dentistry. Her confident and warm persona makes all patients feel comfortable and at ease. 

She completed her studies in 2007 with a Bachelor of Oral Health at the University of Adelaide Dental School. Her attention to quality patient care has been acknowledged through numerous awards, including the Excellence in Clinical Practice and highest overall achiever from the University of Adelaide. 

After working in Adelaide and the Barossa Valley for five years Maria moved to Sydney. She then completed her adult scope in restorative dentistry at the University of Sydney. Growing up in a family of dentists and having practiced for more than 15 years, she has achieved success from both a clinical and reputational perspective and has worked for some of Sydney’s most well-known practices. 

Maria is an active member of the Dental Hygiene association, and continues her professional development. She co-runs her own dental educational training company and has keen interests in paediatric (children’s) dental care, cosmetic dentistry, whitening and periodontal disease management. 

In her spare time, Maria enjoys a very social and healthy lifestyle, cooking, travelling back to Adelaide regularly to see her family and keeping active in the outdoors.

Lead Dentist 

Over the past five decades, Dr Gold has amassed an incredible depth and breadth of experience as a dentist. He grew up in Bondi and graduated as a dentist in 1971 at the University of Sydney and, like many other dentists of that era, headed overseas to London to work. He was intent on experiencing a variety of practices and gaining as much experience as possible.

Dr Gold’s passion for oral health—and helping people—inspired him to sit down and write his book ‘How To Put Your Dentist Out Of Business’ providing quick, easy tips and invaluable dentistry information for pregnant women, babies, children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

A particular focus of his work is cosmetic dentistry. He is passionate about both the medical practice and art of cosmetic dentistry procedures, and derives great satisfaction from the results he achieves for his patients.

In his spare time, Dr Gold enjoys playing golf, surfing and travelling to new places around the world.


Zac’s greatest enjoyment in dentistry is helping patients get from where they are, to where they would like to be. Whether it is improving how you look or how you feel, Zac takes the time to understand patients’ concerns.

Zac is friendly, easy to talk to and strives to make even the most anxious of patients feel at ease. He holds a Doctor of Dental Medicine from the University of Sydney, and is committed to continuous and lifelong learning. When not attending courses to expand his knowledge and skills, Zac enjoys being with his family and his little green and very feisty parrot.

Oral Health Therapist

Kirrana is passionate about promoting good overall oral health, and has more than a decade of dental practice experience. She works closely with Dr Verdian to support patient care through regular check ups, restorative works, Invisalign and Zoom whitening.

Kirrana graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor of Oral Health (Adult Scope) in 2017 and joined the Dental Lounge team in 2019. She takes pride in making patients feel comfortable and at ease, and always makes time to explain dental, oral health concerns and the best treatment plan in an easy to understand way.

Away from work, Kirrana likes to ride her bicycle and stand up paddle board with her husband, daughter and two dogs, Rocky, who is a boxer cross and Sugar, an adorable mini dachshund.

Oral Health Therapist 

Shai is passionate about providing the best dental care for her patients. Her patients describe her as gentle and caring who provides oral health solutions at an individual level. Shai’s passion for patient care has enabled her patients to refer to her as “thorough and gentle”. Her bubbly and calming nature enables her patients to feel comfortable and at ease.  

Shai completed her Bachelor of Oral Health and Post graduate Diploma in Dental Therapy at the University of Newcastle in 2013. She then completed further training to extend to Adult Scope Dental Therapy through Sydney University in 2018, which allows her to perform examination and restorative treatments for patients of all ages. She has also completed training in dental whitening procedures.

She is committed to continuous professional development, and keeps abreast of the latest preventative dental techniques to provide optimal oral health education and quality care for her patients. She regularly attends dental seminars and courses covering topics such as minimal intervention, periodontal management of implants and modern techniques for dental hygienists.

In her spare time, Shai enjoys spending time with her husband, three children and pet labradoodle, Teddy. She also enjoys cooking, reading and watching movies.

Leading Dentist

Dr Fallon Vincent has lived all around the world, but has called Sydney and the Dental Lounge home for the past five years.

Dr Vincent is passionate about dentistry. She approaches her work with a meticulous nature, a keen eye for the smallest detail, and a particular interest in cosmetic, preventative and orthodontic dentistry.

Her approach to cosmetic dentistry is centered on creating a “natural” look for patients and producing smiles that appear seamless and as if they haven’t even had any enhancements. The ability to deliver such results has come after years of training under some of the best cosmetic dentists around the world. Dr Fallon has completed courses by Pascal Magne, a world leader in biomimetic dentistry, as well as a mini residency with leading prosthodontists Tony Rotondo and Michael Mandikos. Additionally, she often incorporates Invisalign® into her approach, and is currently undertaking a graduate diploma in clear aligner therapy.

Dr Vincent completed her undergraduate training in 2009 at Griffith University and was a fixture on the University’s Honours list. Since graduating, Fallon has worked in private practices as a senior dentist in Australia’s largest practice in Melbourne’s CBD. She is a kind and compassionate practitioner, who goes out of her way to provide her patients with the most comfortable and painless experience.

Fallon is a proud mother, and outside of work, you will find her chasing after her very active toddler son, keeping fit around beautiful bays in Sydney or working away in her garden.

Leading Implant Practitioner and Lead Dentist  

As the Leading Implant Practitioner and Lead Dentist at Dental Lounge, Dr Mark Braund prides himself on treatment transparency and keeping his patients informed every step of the way. Dr Braund believes that each patient deserves unique treatment that is best suited to them and their desired outcome.

Over the past decade, combined with his expertise and passion for the practice and aesthetics of dentistry, he has become a leader in All-On-4 and dental implants.

After graduating with a Bachelor of Dentistry with honours from the University of Sydney in 1995, he went on to earn a full medical degree and pioneer the latest cosmetic dentistry in Sydney. His vast experience with grafting techniques, implant placement and relentless pursuit of perfection means he can tackle the most complex cases.

In his spare time, Dr Braund enjoys boxing, spending time at the farm and listening to country music.